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Hello.  My name is Lelia

I am part of the Rhodes family.

I just got here, so excuse my rumpled hair.


Here is mommy when she first got to the hospital

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I kept slowing down my heartbeat so they would put a funny mask on mommy.  The oxygen is fun, too.  Weeeeeeeee!

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Here I am.  I wish grandpa could take a good pic.  *sigh*  Mommy is relaxing after the doctor pulled me out.  Mommy tried to push me out, but I kept holding on, I wanted to stay there.

P5240280.JPG (93565 bytes) P5240281.JPG (104052 bytes)

Mommy is still resting.  Here's "auntie" Jessica checking on me.   She's mommy's best friend.

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Here's one of daddy holding me.  He's still not sure about this, but he'll get into it.  I'm just too cute!  More pics of me!

I have been looked at:

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